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Vibrant, enthusiastic, energetic, positive and fun, these are the best words to use when describing The Glitter Bombs! Having a sound all of their own defies genre, but if they had to pick one they would say Power Pop. The Glitter Bombs are a rock band based in Salt Lake City. The sounds of the band consist of original power pop music as well as covers from bands that rock! The Glitter Bombs consist of accomplished musicians that have played in multiple bands and participated in many artistic projects for several decades. John McCool has rocked the guitar for eons with numerous successful bands, currently, Memphis McCool. Missy Stone has played in several bands over the years and is also a primary dancer for Samba Fogo in SLC. Jason Chynoweth has played in multiple bands in different styles and is currently professionally freelancing. Ted Haack is bringing his East-side groovy bass to the Salt Lake scene now that he has migrated West. A classic four piece with guitar, bass, drums and vocals. 




Lead Vocals

Missy Stone has been with The Glitter Bombs from the start. As the Lead Singer Missy Stone takes on quite a lot of responsibility, from fine-tuning the musical arrangements to assisting other members with perfecting harmonies. She grew up dabbling with the piano, guitar and flute, but found that her most powerful instrument was her voice. She feels feircly alive and in alignment when on stage. This Salt Lake City songstress moves the crowd with her sweet and sultry vocals as well as her electrifying energy.


Lead Guitar, Vocals

McCool picked up a guitar because of a certain sound that they made and has been in pursuit of that ever since. His first real band was a midwest power pop party band called The Convertibles. After this he had a short stint as a bass player in The Singles. The present day finds McCool in yet a couple more bands, The power soul band Memphis McCool and the power pop outfit called The Glitter Bombs.




Jason Chynoweth got the drum bug at a very young age and has had a passion for music since then. Jason’s influences consist of rock, country, jazz, Latin and more. Jason has played in multiple styles from fusion and alternative to rock and country and has played hundreds of live gigs and recorded drums for artists in multiple styles for over 20 years. Artists and bands include: A Poison Tree, Maladjusted, Gene Swift Band, and The Benny C Quartet and The Glitter Bombs. 



Jacob enjoys all types of music, and has had a wide variety of musical experiences. He has played Funk music in smoky bars, Symphonic music in Carnegie Hall, Country at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, and Polka, Jazz, Western Swing, Zydeco, and numerous other styles in the theaters of Branson Missouri. What allows Jacob to be such a musical chameleon is the fact that he truly enjoys all styles of music.

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